Monday, November 10, 2008

Nov 13 - Open Acrylics and Defining the Color System

I've been asked to "explain" my Color System--Hmmmm. That can be a bit of a challenge, since it requires a minimum of three full days by Color Boot Campers to get an inkling of what it is all about. So I'll pose the question to all of you who have been through a Color Boot Camp, and have seen the Color Flash Cards:

How would you describe the Color System to someone unfamiliar with it?

Please reply in one of two ways: 1) post a comment to the blog, so it will remain there permanently for others to see, or, 2) reply to this message and I'll put some at the end of this message once it has gone out. I'll really enjoy your responses, and hope you'll do #1 and post them as comments to this blog entry on the blog site. If you reply to the email, you'll only talk to me. I think there's much to be offered in how you see the Color System. So can you help me out?

Now, here's an 8 x 6 evening sky painting done with those Golden Open acrylics, using the Color System. It was a out-of-head sketch done at the very end of the workshop at the Art Expo with Suzanne next to me and Catherine across the tables. We had a great time! This one is available for $175 including shipping as a nice example of the sunset skies and also "open" acrylic handling. Paypal is fine. Fun!

I'll be starting another large canvas over the weekend for you, and again I'm going to use those Open Acrylics. I think I will also video the process, and consider assembling the various footages I have in the digital editing room into a new DVD--called "Acrylics and Oils with the CS"... or something.

You can post a reply to my blog here.

Color System information can be found HERE.
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Dawn said...

Love the idea of a new DVD using your CS. Let us know when it's completed! :)

Mary Blue said...

Elin, I understand the concepts taught in most painting books..the concepts of warm & cool light and the warm/cool sides of the color wheel, but I was always confused when painters would talk about a warm green vs. a cool green...I had thought all greens were cool. Your color system finally gives clear answers to those questions. Whenever I get stumped about which SPECIFIC colors to use in a sky, for instance, I can turn to the flash cards for the answer. I love that you give the specific color name, not just call for a general "warm" blue color.

I also like using a limited palette.