Wednesday, August 01, 2007

August 1 - Maine and the Workshop, I'm back!

Flying out of Boston last Saturday at dusk, I was on my way to Acadia Park, Maine on this twin prop D1900 plane--everyone had a window seat--all five of us! This is a view of the sunset and downtown Boston over the wing of the plane.

I am now just about as far as it is is to get from California, enjoying every moment of my week while I teach my workshop. It is wonderful and cool, painting is ongoing, and the colors are falling off the brushes! A great group of artists, and a wonderful place to be an artist and to teach a workshop. The Acadia Workshop Center is located on the ocean and also on a pond, water everywhere. The first day the students and I painted the large pond, complete with beaver lodge, and then the following day we were on the ocean at the place shown below. I have some nice paintings and will share them with you in the following days. It has been wonderful to take a break from the daily paintings and just enjoy being an artist.

I'll be back in California in a few days and working on the large dog commission, and seeing Vincent van Goat again!

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Candy Barr said...

I missed your posts.. Wow that photo from plane amazing colors ..wouldn't that make a great painting!

look forward to seeing your new england paintings!

Carolyn said...

the Color Bootcamp Workshop in Acadia was just spectacular! You are a natural born teacher with incredible talent. Thank you for sharing your journeys of being an artist and the color system with us. As you know, you are welcome to visit us on the Chesapeake for more spectacular sunsets on the east cost. I enjoyed the time and you have set the bar very high for future workshops!

Margaret said...

I'm seeing things in a new way from having the golden opportunity of being part of your color bootcamp workshop. Thank you! To be an artist is one thing, and to teach well, is an art in itself. You are great at both and also an enjoyable person.
I'm back painting again, and with a great new method ~ you helped me get unblocked. Kudos to you!