Monday, July 23, 2007

July 23 - Missed a few

Nobody asked where I was, so you must all be busy as well. Two days and no Daily Painting?

I had that Cowboy Jubilee yesterday and that kept me out past midnight. A good evening all around, and great music and cowboy poetry. I saw collectors and made a couple new ones with a good evening for my art as well. However, the planning and logistics for another outdoor show precluded me from getting near the easel.

I've been rethinking the daily painting thing as well. In 2005 when I started, few artists were doing daily paintings and I was on the lead edge of a new movement, but now hundreds of artists are chugging along, bringing ideas and work to the public. I've been doing it since October of 2005, and I have to admit, I'm getting tired. It was creative in the beginning, and yet now the spark of it is gone. My dailies have been morphing into lesson paintings, and many of you tell me how much you enjoy that. Now I believe I need time to work on larger pieces, without scrutiny, and to be more able to choose the story and subject without a feeling of pressure to perform.

I will still do the lesson paintings, but not on a daily basis. I will still send out new, finished work, just not every day.

So with a great deal of thought, I've decided to cease the daily paintings and move on to other ways of connecting and keeping in touch with you all. I won't lose you, nor you me if you'll allow it. I'll continue to send out lessons and updates on new work via this mode.

As the "old horse" on the team of daily painters, I need to let folks with more time and perhaps less vision take over. Never one to follow in a pack, I need time and room for my new ideas to come out.

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