Friday, July 06, 2007

July 6 - Drawings for the Three Dog Commission

I've now returned to working on the three-dog commission of the wonderfully gentle natures of these canines. More details and a couple more possibilities off my pencil tonight. When I do commissions like this, it is my utmost desire to capture the nature of the animal, and a composite of their expressions, without losing the specific "look" of the dog. There is no substitute for good reference images to reach that goal, and I have some good ones. But to make a composition with three dogs, and none of the reference images are consistent in lighting or perspective, makes for quite a challenge. I'm ready for it, though, as the acrylic DVD winds down--I need a new puzzle!!
On another note, Alberto has been busy putting over one hundred of my paintings into my ebay store where it is easy to search for a painting by category or title.

Congratulations to Charlotte McDavid of Birmingham, Alabama, on the addition of "Kentucky River" to her collection of "Elin" paintings!

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