Tuesday, July 03, 2007

July 3 - Fabricritter Carrousel Horse, 36 x 24

This painting is one of the Fabricritter series I did several years ago, along with Lila-cat and Shelf Life, another of the four. This was the last one, and I really pulled out the stops on it. Almost 90% of the canvas is made up of applied fabric swatches, over which I glazed acrylic color and medium to seal the swatches down. This is especially evident in the background.

The painting is a stretched canvas, and the flexibility of the fabric matches the canvas, plus the medium and paint are also flexible. Painting details such as the eye was just so much "eye candy!"

In this closeup of the head, you can see the fabric pieces that make up the background as well as the detail pieces on the bridle. What is really fascinating, though, is this detail of the mane just behind the ears... take a look at how the texture of the white calico cloth mimics the variations in a horse's mane coloration! I painted darker swatches of color over the fabric to make it look more like mane, using Payne's gray and other variations on the background colors. I'd love to do some more of these, but what do you call 'em? Paintings, assemblages, or craft? Dilemma!

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