Sunday, July 01, 2007

July 1 - Lila-cat, Acrylic Fabric Collage, 18 x 24

I'm still working on the acrylic DVD, and coming to the part where I show some "slides" of some of my work. This "Fabricritter" called "Lila-cat" came to light as one example of what the possibilities are for using a collage-type application with pieces of upholstery fabric. The cat has pieces of fabric throughout the body, painted and glazed over with acrylic colors and gel mediums. The flowers in the whiskey barrel are all fabric, with only a few embellishments! And there are pieces of fabric creating the background and wall, too. 18 x 24 inches
Robert Genn in his bi-weekly email touts acrylics on June 28. He doesn't have it posted on his web site yet, but the quote I like came from the second paragraph: "Acrylic facilitates experimentation and gives new ability to process ideas. Faster and fresher, the journey becomes less arduous--and in many ways, more fun." I sure agree with that!

Congratulations to new collector Betty Dawson of Dallas, Texas, on her purchase of "Rose" from my ebay store.

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