Saturday, June 23, 2007

June 23 - Acrylic Collage, for the DVD

This is WAY too much fun! Doing the final footage for the Acrylic DVD, and I'm painting another in the "Aunt Pru" series--acrylic collage gone awry! This is the beginning stage of one such creation, and it is SUCH fun to create by applying objects to canvas/board with acrylics. They are SO right for assemblage creating! This one might be called "Uncle Willie" when I'm done!

And the aikido seminar in Santa Barbara is past now, but I took over 200 photographs of the morning session, and attach one for your enjoyment. The camera worked its magic, having the focal point in focus, but the natural spirals and curves of the "art" of aikido very much in evidence. One of the reasons I find it so pleasing is the black/white/gray and no dominant colors--every color in these places is muted, and the calmness of the practice area is like a salve for the mind. There are no kicks or blocks in aikido--it is the art of blending. Now I'm home and can blend back into my DVD editing, caring for the goats, and giving thanks for living this life. Thanks for listening.
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