Thursday, June 21, 2007

June 21 - Almost Finished, Acrylic DVD Lesson Painting

NoW it is starting to hum! I've spent another 40 minutes of painting (soon to be edited down to the essential delivery mode in the DVD), and adding the lights on the focal areas really helps this painting along. Plus, I've added not only the waterfalls, but the greens of the trees along the shoreline. The painting has a bit too much blue at the top--due to my lights/camera interplay. But you can see that this one is progressing well, with a lot of textural nuance!

Ah, off to Santa Barbara tomorrow, to study with an aikido master, Donovan Waite. I am sure I'll learn a great deal, and nothing beats the ocean in summer and that incredibly romantic Santa Barbara! I will still post a daily painting, just will have a heck of a time figuring out how to do it!
However, you just KNOW my paints are going along with me!

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