Tuesday, June 19, 2007

June 19 - Acrylic DVD lesson painting, second pass

This is the second layer of color that I've put on this 16 x 20 canvas, demonstrating the importance of layering in acrylics to build texture and hold to a good design. The areas where the horse/mules and waterfalls will go still has the least amount of paint, but look at all the lucious jewel tones that are in the lower part of the painting! This will be the water pool area.

I'm just about ready to start dab-dab-dabbing with my trusty not-so-dusty sponge to make the texture patterns in the upper area that will eventually transmogrify into trees! Such fun, cameras rolling, editing going on--never a dull moment!. Tomorow, however, I am riding, and going to take my camera in case I come across that coyote again.

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