Thursday, February 22, 2007

February 22 - Foo Dog Color Study

I'm trying something a bit different for all the folks signed up on the Daily Paintings email list--I'm posting my painting to my blog with instructions for it also to be sent to the group. I hope it works, as it saves me a whole boatload of time.
Today's painting is a small color/value study of a Foo dog that is one of a set of bookends that has been in the family for at least two generations. It is a study for a larger painting that is fomenting around in the channels of my mind--a work for the Artist's Floral Fantasy show at the Riverside Art Museum. I was in it a few years ago, and enjoyed it immensely. I'm plotting a still life that features many of the things that my mother had--her love for the oriental and Japanese style was part of my growing up experience!
Foo dogs are fearful looking beasts, so please focus on the color and brushwork for your pleasure today. This is an original acrylic, 7 x 5 inches.

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