Wednesday, February 21, 2007

February 21 - Plein Air Artists come to My Studio

Today's opening of our home and studio was a wonderful experience, as the creative energies around the gardens and animal area was palpable, and how fun to see paintings of Vincent van Goat come off the easels of the Plein Air Artists of Riverside! There were seven artists around the property today, and every one saw things in new
and different ways. I so enjoyed the experience of having these artists come, that I can hardly wait until Saturday, when they will be coming to visit and paint again!

As for me, I spent some part of today putting together the pochade boxes that were delivered yesterday. I'll be using them in Arizona, and I also took the car in for service in anticipation of the trip. I was so busy hosting and chatting, that I didn't get my gear outside until later in the afternoon--my favorite time to slap paint on canvas! But what to paint? Loving backlit subjects, my pots of geraniums on the end of the patio caught my eye, and resulted in this 7 x 5 oil.

On another note, we have had company of another sort--this fellow is still in one of our pine trees. All the artists had a chance to see his backside from about 40 feet away, however I thought this close up as he came down the tree this evening would be a nice treat. I'll be really happy when he takes off for other neighborhoods, as he is a
huge male weighing in at about 50 pounds, and could really give a headache to our Tibetan Mastiff.

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Keep up the good work.