Tuesday, February 20, 2007

February 20 - Another Sky Evening

Tomorrow there may be a few artists wandering around the Two Trees
Studio, on location painters from the Plein Air Artists of Riverside
(PAAR). I'm looking forward to what the painters will be interested
in capturing in their time here. And so pleased that I can open my
home/studio for my peers.
I did this quick study of a sunrise on an 14 x 11 canvas to
experiment with the phenomenon again that hit me yesterday. And what
was that? Well, I noticed that below the clouds, the sky (made up of
cools) is the same value as the sunlit cloud underbottoms (made up of
warms). And that the value of the horizon is lower than those
clouds! That's why the sun looks so spectacular in the evening light!
I really like the colors and value changes in the sky on this
painting, but it doesn't have the color of yesterday's. Still...I
like it. Looks like the country I'll be traveling through on my way
to Pearce in a couple weeks.

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