Friday, December 29, 2006

December 29 - Color Study from 1996, wow!

"Color Study, 1996" I was riffling through a box of photographs and show catalogues this afternoon and came across this piece of canvas, which has an interesting history. The notes on the margin say it was painted in 1996. It was done as a quick color rough prior to a demonstration at the San Pedro Art Association (near Long Beach, California). Turns out I didn't do the demonstration because os a conflict with two people being scheduled, so this one became a larger painting down the road, which has now sold. If you look at this critically, you will see I didn't know enough about color to make good choices that are effective in conveying the time of day. For example, notice the use of blue and the oranges. A nice decade's space between this one and the ones in this month.I know a lot more now, yet this small work has a charm of its own. This 5,75 x 7 inch acrylic is available for $95 from the web site for this date.

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