Wednesday, December 27, 2006

December 27 - Idyllwild Evening

"Idyllwild Evening" I decided to take a detour from the commissions list and paint something just for my own pleasure--without any outside direction. (I need to do that...You know, the "artistic free spirit" thing.) I have been to Idyllwild many times, first back in 1977 when I'd returned to California from Europe. It was as if I had returned to Germany, to go up to the alpine latitudes and spend time in the pines and snow. It was solace for my soul, as I missed Europe, having lived there for seven continuous years. So Idyllwild served a wonderful purpose to transit me to California, and I love it still. The town is surrounded by national forest, and the desert of Palm Springs on the north, and semi-desert on the other three sides. Truly an oasis. This is Lily Rock, a favorite climbing destination, and the local landmark, and as a vertical format painting, would find many places to be hung in a home. This 12 x 9 oil is available for $175 from the web site for this date.

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