Monday, December 25, 2006

December 25 - "Border Collie Commission, First Pass"

"Border Collie Commission, First Pass" Doing a commissioned painting turns into a very emotional event for me, expecially when the animal or person I'm painting has met a tragic end. I know that pain of losing something you love so much, having been through a similar situation so awful that it's still seared on my soul. This Border Collie is being painted as a gift to help ease the pain of his owner. The dog was killed suddenly, and having a painting will hopefully ease some of that grief. I know painting them is like running my fingers over the scar tissue of my own memories. Sometimes I cry when I paint these subjects, in kinship with knowing that pain.

I have a handful of photos to work from, none of which said what I think I needed to say in designing this memorial. I wanted his distinctive markings to show up, and his funny left-sided tilt to his tail, but I also want him to be looking in your direction. So in putting him in this position, I imply that he is leaving/has left, and yet would be here still if he could. The background will happen tomorrow, and the details on the dog will occur then, too, on this 12 x 16 oil.

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