Friday, October 06, 2006

October 6 - Rocker Revisited (Acrylic)

Remember this one? I finally got a window of time where I could concentrate and know I wouldn't be interrupted and got to work on the large acrylic of the bookcases and the cats on the chair. This is the first go-pass on it. The goal for this stage was to increase the value contrast between the lights and the darks. I achieved this by glazing the books to push them back with burnt umber. I also increased the lights and warmed them up generally. The cat in the chair got a major makeover, but may also undergo some massive changes, as will the white cat.  Never liked either one of them, really. Getting the major changes on the large value areas, I will give it a rest for a day or so, and then go after the changes needed to bring it to what I consider a finished state.

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