Tuesday, October 03, 2006

October 3 - Transparencies

Today's painting is all about what's NOT there--painting objects that have  no local color, like some water, and a lot of glass!
  This little hand-blown corked bottle came to me in the boxes of still life objects that are now in the studio, exposed to light for the first time in a long time. I see them with new eyes, and find many of them that intrigue. I placed this one on my taboret (oh, wonderful-now-put-together taboret!) and you can see flecks of paint  from old painting projects behind it. Finding an object that had no interest before is also intriguing, because it measures our growth as artists to find something to paint in objects that might not hold much inherent interest. Bringing a love of painting to the task is just an added benefit!
 What do you have around you that you've never painted? Funny how a lot of it needs just a bit of "new" viewing! I spent many a morning doing drawings of ordinary objects to decorate a daily report I had to do as a clerk many years ago. Even a coffee cup can be an art form! $100 from the Daily Paintings web site for this date.

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