Friday, September 01, 2006

September 1 - Yellow Rocker

I have been sitting here trying to sort out my web sites, all three of them are on one server that is completely down and has been for the past half day. I've started the process for moving them so you'll be able to see them again, and because of the hours of work this has generated, I have not been able to do a new painting for you tonight/today.  What a headache, but only for me.
  So I thought I'd share with you a REAL GEM... from long ago and far away, so to speak. One of the early good'uns.
  You sadly won't be able to see it on the web site, until the Internet gets sorted out about where to send you when you type in, but I'll share it here with you as I update my sites on the new server. So I cannot send you a link to see it for AOL users.
  This is/was a 12 x 9 oil of a rocking chair I had back in the early 80's, sitting on my old front porch. I painted it from a photograph, and want to share with you some of the details that make it a fairly decent painting:
  1. The values are broad in scope, from the lightest light to the darkest dark; yet there is a relationship of small lights, large dark shapes in mid tones to fall right in the "good design" of Edgar Whitney.
  2.  The colors are analogous, falling into the range of yellow/green with a blue/violet complement to create color interest. Note the AMOUNT of each color, and how grayed they are to keep the balance going.
  3. The use of the illusion of warms in the shadow side of the chair is accomplished by using alizarin crimson and yellow ochre with lemon yellow to keep the palette in line with the "Color System".
  This painting is already in the collection of Steve Kilburn of Lake Elsinore, California.

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