Monday, August 28, 2006

August 28 - Lost Landscape

"The View is History" This 9 x 12 painting came off my brushes tonight. I have been driving back and forth between the old house and the new and one part of my drive takes me through the last of the open space near our old place. Going through the construction zone that USED to be this view is part of that drive. This WAS a particularly beautiful stretch of California fields, backed by these hills, lit in the morning light of an autumn dawn.  Every year the farmer would plant hard winter wheat, and it would go from green in our "winter" to light gold by April, and then be harvested, leaving the wheel tracks in the stubble. Now all of that is gone, under the developer's blade, and never to be seen again.  Houses, streetlights and parked cars replace this beauty.
  Although it breaks my heart, I also feel a small sense of rebellious satisfaction as I preserve the memory forever.  Original oil, 9 x 12 inches, $200
Available only from the site for this date.

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