Thursday, August 31, 2006

August 31 - Onions again

"Cebolla" is Spanish for onion, pronounced "see-BOW-yah", courtesy of an artist friend Luz Perez, whose studio is called Cebolla Studio. Today's painting slips back into the acrylic world as I get ready to teach the workshop in Lexington in just over a week. I've packed one box and mailed it off, with some supplies and clothes; the second box will go out tomorrow.  Considering that I pack my supplies padded with clothes I intend to wear, I sure hope the boxes make it to Melissa and Bill's farm before I do! Else I'll be in the same clothes for a while. It's fun to come back to acrylics. The workshop is about teaching students to reach beyond the ordinary way of handling them, and to give them tricks and tips about handling this versatile medium. They may paint horses, but they'll paint them in new and different ways!

My emails have increased, and today I found out I was mentioned in the New York Times.  Not sure about it, because I don't have access to the site (too busy to sign up).  I was wondering why there were so many emails... now I know.  Hmmm, I wonder what they said?
Just SOLD to returning collector Fay Bohlayer of Dawsonville, Georgia.

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