Wednesday, July 19, 2006

July 19 - Australian Shepherd Commission

Today's painting is the beginning stages of a commissioned piece, of a beloved Australian Shepherd, owned by Judy and Bill Wood of Canada.  I'm including two of the photographs I'm using for source material, and also making changes depending upon the request of the family for whom I'm painting this.
  I tend to "grope" at this phase, making things out of proportion because in the second pass of this 16 x 12 oil, I'll really find the edges I need, and make the corrections.  Please don't write and tell me the dog's face is all 'wrong"... I'll fix that tomorrow!
  You can see the major color areas at this point, but the painting does not have the "life" I like to bring to posthumous portraits yet.  Tomorrow, if all goes well, it will.
Not for Sale.

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