Saturday, June 17, 2006

June 17 - When Your Muse Takes A Hike

"When Your Muse Takes a Hike" I'm sitting here chuckling and not a small bit of embarassed to show this to you, but if you can learn from it, so be it! This is the second painting I did last Thursday on location, and it surely is a problem child! The artist's muse went out for a beer and left me struggling. There is so much wrong with this painting that I hardly know where to begin. So how about if you make a list, and really tear into it? And then tell me what you'd change to make it better. I'm so used to helping students with the latter response, that I'm ready to have each of you analyze this one and flex your design muscles. Its future is dim, no matter what. 6 x 6 inch oil, unsigned for a reason!

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