Tuesday, June 13, 2006

June 13 - Horses, a BIG One

Well, I thought I'd have a finished one for you today, but instead, a large one in process.  I DO have some tweaked ones put up in June's and May's archives.  I went back and finished the foggy morning workout for the Harness Tracks Auction (May 26th painting), and also finished up the details on June 4th's  "In a Mountain Valley".  More subtle the difference on the latter work, but major difference on the former!  Some of you have said you keep archives on your computer of these, so you'll really see a difference.
  Today's painting is the beginning of a commission of "horses coming at you" that was requested by a collector.  I'm doing this totally from my head without references, because to get those references, you'd have to be ready to be stomped!  So I have to imagine how the horses would look, the leg locations, and all the ordinary rest of the stuff, and plot out a design that will hold up from across the room.  Howard Pyle used to say, "thirty minutes, thirty yards" in talking about that crucial initial lay-in and how it must be a strong structure.  
  You can also see some of my working methods in that I sketched the horses, then started laying in one to an almost finished state, and then did the upper background.  The middle horse is next, and he is only about 1/3 finished.  The left horse will need some tweaking on the forelegs size, and I haven't decided what color yet

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