Monday, June 12, 2006

June 12 - Thunderheads over the Desert

"Evening Light, SRP" Below is the painting that came off my brushes when I first set up, at the gala at the Riverside Art Museum on Friday night.  It is a larger painting, 16 x 20 on board-backed canvas, and I surely enjoyed painting it.  Out of my head, from countless memories of the Santa Rosa Plateau.  In the days prior to the event, the desert skies to the east had been filled with tropical moisture, creating these wondrous thunderheads.  From the Plateau it is possible to see these, which dissipate as the sun sets.  The orange-y light of the approaching evening, and the dry grasses of the meadows create the compliment of the sky in the distance over the desert.  
  And I always love pathways...where are we going today? $300

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