Tuesday, May 02, 2006

May 3 - Our Anniversary Eve

"Today, Tomorrow and Always" Interesting how we are sandwiched in between that which is our future, and that which was our past. Today I picked up my Mom's ashes, and together we went and looked at property.  Mom always loved real estate.  Now before you think I've gone off the deep end, know that there was a lot of humor in the day's ride.  She (in her box) on the passenger seat, and I even put one of her floppy-brimmed hats on her box.  Now she is in the cedar chest with my dad's ashes, awaiting October and the trip for our final farewell.  
  In talking about always, I need to share with you the subject of today's painting--when I came back to the house after feeding the goats, there was this bouquet of salmon mini roses, a card, and a dinner set out on the table, all done by my husband.  He knew I'd had a rough day, so he "rose" to the challenge with this gesture.  Tomorrow is our anniversary, and the first line on the card so poignantly said "Today, Tomorrow and Always".  Today, my Mom, Tomorrow, our anniversary, and Always our future together.   
  Our dinner was toasted with Wilson Creek's Almond Champagne.  Yes, almond.  Wonderful stuff.  Makes the brushes do strange and wonderful things. Original 6 x 4 oil $100

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