Tuesday, December 20, 2005

December 20 - Sebastian

I enjoy the challenge of commissioned paintings. Most of the time. Unfortunately, the challenge of working from flash photographs makes creating a decent painting a really tough call. I never feel as though I've done the subject justice because of all the loss in a frontal flash image. But the light coming in from the back window of another photograph provided gave me some blues to bounce off the compliment of his orange coat, and although he is light in front, the balance of blue/orange seem sto work. At least it satisfies my artistic sense.
Oh, did I mention that the pupils were vacant due to the flash? Gotta pull out a few stops to capture the life in eyes taken by a flash camera.
I'll still do them, because I cannot deny the gift of the wonder at being able to please people with an image of so an animal that is so beloved.

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