Monday, December 19, 2005

December 19 - Sunset View from My Studio

This is a peaceful painting. I needed peace this afternoon, as changes are in the wind for my husband and I. We may move... a daunting thought! Coming home tonight, we had our bi-weekly massages, and relaxed and yet energized, I walked into the studio to do my work. Today just wasn't right for a detailed, larger work. Tomorrow will suit for that endeavor. The sunset light on the hills and in the sky was just so subtle and gentle--that's it, I said.
Grabbing an already prepped canvas (this one had some dry Australian Red Gold on it), and since I had left the paints out on the taboret in their pill boxes, it was no time at all before I was working on this one.
My effort was in getting the mixtures of the greyed sky without it being too garish, and yet conveying that gentle light. I used to waste a lot of canvas trying for these, but now, knowing the color system to make it right the first get-go, it is no longer a problem. That sky and those clouds went in first, and then the land. The last brushmarks were done on the yellow portion of the lightest sky.
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