Thursday, October 06, 2011

Workshop Prep and High School Reunion

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Workshop News
So I'm packing up and shipping boxes today, and will fly with great JOY to the farm in Georgia, meeting new and returning Color Boot Camp artists for those two glorious weeks. Yes, Sparky is going too! And if you're interested in creating memories of your own, there is still a spot for you there. Let's share this great gift of life!
Other News
High School Reunion
This past weekend I took off with the Dodge and camper to head to Ojai for my (burble)-th high school reunion. What a blast! (Do I sound like a kid from the 60s?)
Well it was a LOT of fun, mostly because I also took Mz Glass, putting her in the horse trailer for the trip north. Here she is lashed down and ready to roll.
I camped at Lake Casitas, a beautiful man-made lake near Ojai, and took many road trips on the motorcycle throughout the valley. There's an overlook that was made famous in the 1930s movie "Lost Horizon" where the actors come through the Hymalayan mountains to the paradise of Shangra La. They used this point to take that scene, so I drove up to it and looked into my own paradise below.
October 6 - Workshop Preparation and a Lesson
I'm planning the things I'm going to be teaching in the workshops in Georgia, and one major point of the Color Boot Camps is the Time of Day (or ToD). This image is from the time I spent in Idyllwild this past summer, painting the sights and landmarks in this mountain community. (One of only two places I know where they don't allow franchise business--no Starbucks, no McDonalds, no Waffle Houses).
This 8 x 6 acrylic demonstrates evening light as it falls on the icon of Lily Rock, a rock climber's Mecca. The Color System is working here in affecting the lights and shadows with the dominant influence we find in evening light. I know if you've seen my DVD on Evening Light, you'll pick out what's happening here.
This painting IS available, from me for $95 with free shipping.  (email me!)
I plan to paint every day while I'm in Georgia, during and after the workshop days' end, so the students will see the Color System in action, including evening light! Hope you can join me. I think there's a space left in the bunkhouse! Last-minute getaways are good for the soul.
I hope you'll continue on with me on this journey, and perhaps forward this on to your friends and family.
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