Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mar 24 - Redoing an old one and new format

How do you like the new format? I had to go to an upgrade of what I'm sharing by not using the blog for sharing. They just did one too many things to make it tough to communicate, so here we are with a new provider and better pleasure in keeping open the communication.
Original "Problem Child"
12 x 16 Oil on Panel
March 24 - Redoing an Old One
Sometimes we have to fix paintings....  For the recently completed workshop, I demonstrated evening light on an old 12 x 16 oil I'd done years ago (2002) as part of a class I taught in plein air painting for the community college. I remember the objective for the day--"atmospheric perspective". For these college students, who had few yards of canvas under their brushes, I kept the colors simple. They were working with the basic palette of five colors plus white.The site was chosen because of the stairstepping mountain ranges getting lighter and softer as they receded to the left.
Now that I'm using 12 colors in the Color System, the results are DRAMATIC in the changes of color. And I absolutely loved going over the old painting with the new Color System knowledge. Picking the colors to liven up the canvas was easy as I kept my head in either the warm or cool boxes to mix the colors.
I promised the students I'd do more of this, and I'll share them with you in the days to come.
Workshop information is HERE.
Please forward this on to your friends, and thank you! 
And on Other News....
I'm having tons of fun planning and planting the new 48 x 36' garden plot (pictures coming). I've upped the ante on tomato plants, having a whopping ten heirloom varieties from the three I had last year. The Swiss chard is in, as are the summer squashes. I'm starting the winter squash in the raised beds for transplanting later this afternoon. Still eating the lettuces and carrots and beets from the winter planting cycle. Carrots are SO good!
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