Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mar 15 - Covering the Canvas, Cat Still Life Painting

Now the painting ia about 80 percent covered with theinherent colors of the major shapes, and I'm having a ball with the wet pigment--pushing the colors with additions of the warm light of morning on this painting. Note the shadows are going toward grayed red-violet, which is enhanced by the clear yellow-orange under painting. This is so much more vibrant than that "old" painting.

So can we improve on our old work? Yes, because now we are "schmartah, wizah, and mo'beddah" with our life experiences and "miles of canvas" which helps us make good choices (heck, after making all those bad choices on learning painting we have to learn SOMETHING, right?).

So after this one is finished, I'm going to share with you some "repaints" of old work--pre Color System, and one even from 1983 (eeek, am I THAT old???)

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Donna PierceClark said...

Love these colors!!!