Monday, March 14, 2011

Mar 14 - Better Color Choices with the Color System

 The last day of the Color Boot Camp just ended, and I bid farewell to the folks who just spent three days in a very personal interaction with the Color System.

While here, I painted for them this cat painting redux, and fixed two problem paintings of mine, and also painted two dog portraits for the Canine Art Guild's "Mug Shots" online show. So my brushes really took a beating this weekend!

I want to show you how the Color System works in repainting this cat image. Here is a section of the new painting background and the old painting, new on top. Look at the difference between the upper color and the duller, lower color from the old painting. The Color System creates the harmony because using it gives you control over good color every time. The trio of workhorse colors (Ult. Blue. Aliz. Crimson and Yellow Ochre) work very well to depict the background here.

In the second color chip image, look at the "new" lemons and the old one. How wrong that green is on it! Even unfinished, the lemon in the newer painting resonate with the background cloth and shadow. 

Now I am relaxing on this Monday evening with a glass of wine, the wondrous view, and going for a much-needed walkabout to see what's what with the sheep and other outside critters this evening. More tomorrow!

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Cindy Revell said...

Thanks Elin for sharing this redux. It's interesting to see what kind of changes an artist will make to an old painting when the chance arises.

Judith A. Johnson said...

I love getting your posts. They not only give me something to think about in terms of painting, whether it be color or composition, but I love hearing about your critters and the life you lead. Keep it up!