Sunday, October 31, 2010

Oct 31 - Happy Halloween and the demo painting

I've taken another photograph of the painting's progress, now thirty minutes into the demonstration last week. Here I've finally opened the Warm Box and added some of the lights to the canvas. However, those orange areas in the foreground are located in the shade, so they're made with yellow ochre and alizarin, two Cool Box hues!

At this stage, I'm still fooling around with the large shapes, and accidentally many of the interesting edges occur just because I'm not "trying" to make edges. I've found that a lack of concern for edges until later in the painting process. Most of the "accidental" edges just remain as visual eye candy.

Happy Halloween to y'all. I won't be seeing any trick or treating today as the hotel here isn't the place. But the Navy housing around me will be doing it, and I'll be looking out for some little costumes.

Here's another very creative image taken by my nephew (New Jersey contingent--where I spent last Christmas). He's quite the creative photographer, lining up my sister and his daughter Kristina at that chrome sculpture in Millennium Park. My niece the graduate is texting in the background. (She hadn't seen her phone while in boot camp!)

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