Sunday, October 31, 2010

Oct 30 - Chicago in Balmy Fall Weather

This is the painting, 20 minutes in, because I FORGOT to photograph it after the first ten minutes! Arrrgh!

What I've done here is opened the Cool Box only to paint (first) the large dark structures of the trees and deep gray greens. I left the warms exposed where I plan to put the focal point and the sunlit patches of light coming through the pines. I'm using a one-inch filbert as I paint these large shapes. The rocks (purplish shapes) are done with the sky trio, plus white and a bit of burnt umber to "kill back" the purity. The sky patches coming through the trees do not have that umber in the mix, because one would "never" use earths in the sky!! (Oh, I hear the voices of the Color Boot Camp graduates saying that!)

When I return from Chicago, I'll be getting ready for the Color Boot Camp coming up November 11-14. It's full, but there are plans afoot for me to teach three weekend days spread out over the end of January and February for the folks in Temecula next year. They might have a couple slots, but there were ten already to sign up after my doing this demonstration.

Chicago is enjoying some really "balmy" 50+ degree weather, and Sparky and I were in Millenium Park at that huge chrome sculpture. That's my family in the background and my sister taking the photo. Silly fun!

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