Monday, July 26, 2010

Jul 26 - Painting the Laser Glass Samples

I'm sitting here with a much-deserved pina colada after working on the glass panels today. The two panels are finished to a certain point, but perhaps will see more changes tomorrow. LONG day...(slurp).

Glass doesn't photograph well and these multi-layer laser-etched panels are no exception. The images I'm showing you cannot convey the four laser sides that have been etched, nor the vision of the client's needs for her project. I'm working with a palette of colors found in a Chanel scarf, and working on two separate glass sheets, each 18 x 18 x 1/4 inches. I managed to get them upright using a set of tie/key holders that Ken Middleham had created and left in his workroom. The glass is VERY heavy. In this first image, you see the way I've lit it--both from the front and rear so I can see not only the paint as I apply it, but also the way the light will show through it when it is installed. Whew... I've only been concerned with one dimension in painting up to this point! This is quite a new challenge.

This second image is of the panel (on its side) that will be behind the first panel. It contains the larger areas of major color for the design. It's truly difficult to show you where this is going/has gone, and I apologize for that. However, I do hope to have better imagery tomorrow. Hey, unfinished painting to the left, behind it!

I do a LOT of wiping off--as the paint will not adhere to the non-lasered portions of the glass. Yet another challenge!

So please stay tuned.

And on another note, we're starting to set the dates for the 2011 workshops with the folks back east. How does October sound for Georgia? Florida might work out that way, too!

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