Sunday, May 02, 2010

May 2 - The Acrylic in the Workshop

Here's the next stage of development of the morning light wash up. I'm really enjoying the traditional acrylics again, even though I love the workability of the Golden Opens and of course my oils. I'll be returning to them this week and next, as well.

Those of you familiar with the Color System can see the cools in the distance (over 300' away) and the warms in the sunlit areas of the living things in the painting at this point. What's fun is to put the "sky shine" on the shadowed sides of the figure and horse, as well as in the wet ground. I moved the bucket to the left side for design reasons.

The advanced students in the CBC (Color Boot Camp) received a snootful of design challenges this week past. They not only dealt with the time of day, and the value plan, but also had to consider using elements and principles of design to create dynamic compositions and paths for the viewer's eye to follow. Lots of complaining, but the end results were awesome. And everyone did two or more compete paintings each day.
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