Saturday, May 01, 2010

May 1 - Oops, out of order!

How about if we go back in time for a bit and see that painting from yesterday's post at a different stage of development? Oopsie. Here's the first lay-in of colors, and shows more of my working method. I don't paint the most interesting and riveting part of the painting until I am certain that the background stands on its own merit.
So I'm always thinking about division of space, light, pattern/texture, atmosphere, repetition of shapes, dynamic line, and (of course) COLOR when I work.

The Color Boot Campers who just finished up their five days of intensive painting are on their way home now, taking some outstanding work with them. Here's one of the sillier examples of their work, which is what I used to have them warm up to brushwork and thinking about the value (lightness or darkness) of their palette. Called "silly paintings", the challenge is to not mix, but to paint with the inherent value of the pigments of the Color System. Eye-popping, to say the least! Each source image is below the painting. It's a fun exercise, one filled with much laughter.

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