Friday, January 29, 2010

Jan 29 - Signed but not finished

I signed it, but it isn't finished yet. However it really has that "feel" I was seeking when I picked up the brushes. Do you see the strong triangular design, with the black lab on the left anchoring that corner? An overlay of this image would show the many diagonals that work to repeat and support the structure of this work.

I really like it at this point, but it truly is not finished. I had pressure on me to use this image for entering the Art Show at the Dog Show, and it was summarily rejected. I entered it more because of what I KNOW it will become, rather than as a finished piece. But judges are arbitrary, subjective and totally in control of the shape of an art show, so I don't take that rejection personally. Sometimes that's just where the chips fall.

Below is the image with tension-creating diagonals for you. To me, this angled tension with so many lines sets the stage for excitement in this dog walker composition. Horizontal and verticals are static, lines that lean are tension-filled and exciting. Note the two vertical signposts in the upper left corner, effectively stopping the convergence of the snow lines off the edge of the canvas. "That's design, baaaybe!"

After I finish up both this one and the backlit Lab (which DID get accepted to the show), I'll share with you the second painting for the upcoming DVD on misty and overcast lighting--in stages, of course!

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