Monday, January 25, 2010

Jan 25 - The "Dog Walker" Acrylic Continues

Working in acrylics gives the user a lot of latitude in application techniques, and I've used a few at this stage. Although still covering the canvas, I'm layering the snow piles behind the walker with heavier applications of pigment, giving some texture to the end result. In the gray pavement, I'm using more transparent layers, allowing the subtle values to work in harmony. I have also begun to put in more and more details on the major "heartbeats" in the painting, but still only roughly.

You see, for me, getting the "gist" of the movement and "feel" of the action taking place is more about the generalized lines of the design at this point. I am not interested AT ALL in the details, although some do manifest at this time, such as the light and shadow, blue and white on the girl's jacket. Always mindful of the focal point, her coloration on the jacket and the subtle repetition of the blues in the blue-violet of the sidewalk unify the painting, even at this early stage! That's counterpointed by the yellows in the distant taxis and in the retriever.

Yesterday (Sunday), I went on a hike with a group of fun people, and we ended up at the top of a local mountain in Riverside, Mt. Roubidoux. As you can see, the weather has cleared up from the storm, and most of us ended up in tee shirts, even though there is snow in the distance. Fun!

I hope wherever you are, that you're dry, warm and enjoying your time with friends and activities.

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