Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dec 31 - Landscape in Acrylics Continue, New Year's Eve

The end of the year, and I'm still working on this 12 x 9 acrylic landscape of the Saddle River. From yesterday's image, you can see that I've moved into the phase of making larger shapes more interesting with variations of hue and value across them. Going from big to little makes for an interesting transition, and one that many masters practice in executing their work.

The feeling of the sun's light on the left is coming through, done by reducing the value of the other areas with washes of burnt umber mixes over the right sides. Again the dominate hues are ultramarine blue and burnt umber, yet I've used some of the warms in the lighter areas--mixed well to disguise them!

Other news:
On this New Year's Eve, I sit here at home having a party of one (not counting the dogs and cats) with a wood fire going, a glass (or more) of Menage a Trois wine, some black-eyed peas cooking on the stove, and the fixin's for S'mores at the ready over on the mantle. There's a container of peppermint stick ice cream in the freezer (holiday tradition), to offset the heat of those marshmallows. Rolling Stones' Shine a Light CD playing, and I plan to enjoy a decadent, delicious exit to this year in a "thumb my nose" gesture to my successful dieting. And the black-eyed peas at 12:01 a.m. in my stomach for good luck all through the next--another family tradition. So here's to you as I raise my glass; I wish each and every one of you a joyous evening, a morning without hangovers, and a brush in your hand to memorialize those special moments in your lives. That's my plan anyway!

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mollie jones said...

Hi Elin. You finished off the year in very good form! I've just taken a look at this in comparison with the finished painting on Artcolony and I must say, you've really nailed the feel of that river with the forest and shrubs that you've added. Lovely painting!