Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sep 27 - Finished Girl with Chickens and a New Commission

The painting is finished, and I'm pleased with it. It tells the story of a friend of mine who recently passed away from cancer, and this was her family's image. Yet it is all children everywhere interacting with other living things, and the continuity of life from youth to final passing that is a reality for all of us.

I'm getting ready to start the fourth video in the Colorful Oil Painting series, where artists can use good color every time to depict the time of day. This one will feature the soft overcast or misty light and twilight situations, and will have two complete paintings done.

I also have a new commission on my plate, of a lovely Tennessee Walker who has special meaning for her owner. I'll be starting that one as a lesson for you in the days to come.

And I'm getting the studio cleared up for a life drawing session on the first Tuesdays through my plein air painting group. And that studio will see MORE use in November, as I have only three spots left for immersion into the Color Boot Camp!

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Judith Angell Meyer said...

Really nice painting. I'm sure Lynn would be very pleased with it.


PAT MEYER -- said...

The movement and the story that this painting tells is priceless!