Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sep 22 - Girl Feeding Chickens

It's almost finished, and I wanted to share it with you, so that you'll have a comparison from the one two days ago. The canvas is completely covered now, and all that remains to be done is to make each of the larger shapes in the composition "stand on its own" in visual interest. If I left those passages Plain Jane, I'd not be happy with it--would you say, "boring"? The variations on those areas may be subtle, but I always think they are necessary to have a canvas that really sends a message of a great work.

I'm sitting in the studio, hunkered down for one of those Santana wind conditions outside--dry, hot, windy weather--the nemesis of Southern California in the fall. But I've cleared the perimeter of our land, and Vincent van Goat and his friend Heather have taken down a lot of the overgrowth outside our fences. Preparation is the key when faced with any calamity, and I run through my mind the steps I'd take if I needed to evacuate--animals, crates, etc.

There are six people in the November workshop so it is a GO (not that there was any doubt!). Got Color? How about a Color Boot Camp? Direct link below.

Speaking of animals, when the hot weather comes on, Seiko (the watch) dog comes into the studio to keep cool. Here she is on the other side of my taboret snoozing away--snoring to the beat of "Beast of Burden" by the Stones. That's 105 pounds of Tibetan Mastiff. We ask her where she wants to go. Good dog.

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Barbara Pask said...

Sweet sweet painting. I guess I missed it but didn't see where it is oil or acrylic? This is one special painting.