Friday, July 03, 2009

Moonlight Becomes you... Acrylic 9 x 12 Demonstration

Hello again! I'm in the misdt of the workshop here in my studio in Riverside, and demonstrated this acrylic painting for the eleven participants today. It's moonlight, and from images I took (in the late afternoon!) up along the Big Sur Coast of Northern California.

It's fun to work on changing daylight resources to other times of day, and not too difficult, once you're familiar with the Color System (in this case, cool box and lower the light values).

Tomorrow the students will be approaching morning light or afternoon light, and evening light with the full Color System. I hope to post some of their "Silly Paintings" they did today, but forgot to ask permission of them. It's been warm here, but not as hot as yesterday (over 100). The studio workshop area is cooler than outside by at least 15 degrees, and we have fans running, so it's not too bad.

For the Fourth of July celebration, a friend sent me this link, with a nice music video representing our diverse cultures under the umbrella of our freedom. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! ( ).

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Randy Smith said...

Elin, You'll never cease to amaze me!