Monday, June 29, 2009

Jun 29 - Onion in Oils, Lesson on Inherent Color, and Workshop Coming!

Back into the oils for an 8 x 10 study of a red onion! I love making up the new pillboxes--my old ones were crusty and the lids finally cracked after being in and out of the freezer so many times. There is something very familiar and exciting about putting those Color System hues in their appropriate boxes.

This painting is VERY important to Color Boot Camp graduates, because it focuses so much on the "INHERENT COLOR" (You know who you are who have heard this from me!) The onion's inherent color is a cool red--alizarin, from the cool box. I could not switch completely to the warm red (cadmium red light) when my brushes came around to the lit side, so it "reads right" even on that lighter side, because I obeyed the rule of inherent color by influencing the dominant color of the object. I definitely influenced that light side with those warm box colors, though. This is a nice study, available through ebay. Just search for "Red Onion Oil Painting - Elin Pendleton 8 x 10". I've decided that listing the work when I post the email to all of you is a good time-saver. Here's the link if you want to get there quick!

I've updated my web site with recent paintings, too--at least the elinart site. The Daily Paintings web site is only current to January. I hope to get more work on that done this week. I do have to elevate my leg for parts of my day as my hip injury heals.

The next workshop starts this coming Thursday--Fourth of July weekend. I have had one cancellation, so there is a spot available. Do you want the Color System Boot Camp? Email me!

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