Sunday, May 17, 2009

May 18 - Accommodations and more Florida

Another artist from the Florida Color Boot Camp, applying the Color System to make a good painting go into orbit. Nancy Moskovitz has a blog where she shares information on her art journey, and I was honored to have her among the wonderful group painting and learning at the Carriage Museum near the Villages, in central Florida last week. Her "AHA" moment, she says, "Just one? Learning how to use yellows, especially lemon yellow to create a morning mood. Learning how to keep sunlit fields in the distance with ochre. Thalo blue in sunlight; thalo green in shadow - wow!"

I just loved this evocative depiction of a common subject. Can you tell I love teaching? Both my Riverside workshops are full now, and I'm busy clipping and snipping around the gardens to neaten up the place after an absence of two weeks.

In Florida, below's an image of the Wisteria Lodge, one of two that were our accommodations for this workshop. Amazing place, the Austin Carriage Museum! Beauty in the site and beauty in the light. I slept in my Hennessy Hammock out in the trees and loved every moment of the Florida nights. The hammock has a bug net that prevents unwanted intruders, and it worked well even in the rain.

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Nancy Moskovitz said...

Hi Elin. All of a sudden, there was my painting! Thank you! And thanks for sending people to my blog. We'll call it the Elin bump.