Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Apr 8 - Another Demonstration using Golden Open Acrylics

I am becoming enamored with the Golden Open Acrylics. I used them today (in their cool and warm pill boxes) for a demonstration for the Hemet Valley Art Association. The end result is this 16 x 20 acrylic you see here, called "Vernal Pools, Santa Rosa". Completely without reference except memories in my head.

What I enjoy about the Open Acrylics is the process of putting paint down that dries less quickly than traditional acrylics, yet still is tacky enough to have drag and blending opportunities, not quite like, but similar to, oils. The drag over the tacky parts is easily visible in the grasses. The blending is there in the distant mountains and water reflections. I talked the entire time during the demonstration, which lasted about an hour and a half. The HVAA were kind to let me come back, since I missed last month!

From the workshop, I wanted to share the moonlight painting that Harmony did on the last day. She really "got" it in this depiction of the waterfall--using a noontime color snapshot she took herself, and mentally changing the light to make this evocative view using the Color System. Just so you know, the paintings I'm showing from the workshop have had less than 5% of my hand, if that. Most, like this one, are 100% from the brushes of the attendee.

If you'd like a look into my life here at Two Trees, my friend Theresa who came through on a visit took these photographs while here. Lots of Chiron, and the workshop, as well as around the yard. I love seeing my life through another's eyes--it is full of surprises! Go HERE.

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My remaining workshop schedule for 2009 is HERE, updated. The June workshop is filled and I've opened another California one that goes over July 4th weekend. It already has two signups. Still one or two spots in Florida and several in September in Maine, though.
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