Thursday, December 25, 2008

Dec 25 - On Location with Christmas Lights

Merry Christmas!! To share the joy of the Season, here's an original acrylic painting full of holiday lights done on location at the Mission Inn in downtown Riverside a few weeks ago. I've been with the Plein Air Artists of Riverside who have been painting on location to capture the merriment and holiday lighting displays for which the Inn is famous.

When the moon was full this month, I set up with Sparky (yes, he came along and played "announce dog" to anyone who came close) in a planter bed diagonally across the street from the arches and buildings of the Inn. They decorate the palm trunks with huge snowflake lights, too. This is a 16 x 12 acrylic, done with those open acrylics, and I'm quite pleased with it for having captured not only the lights and the holiday feel of the building, but also the natural world of the night sky and full moon. The open acrylics allowed a longer working time, yet the Color System make the choices for this piece easy, even though I was working with a flash light in my hand! When I go out again on Dec. 29th, I'll have some nice LED lights that will shine both on my painting and palette.

If you've ever been to the Mission Inn (opens in a new window) it is quite a famous landmark for its architecture and holiday lights. I'm pleased with this painting of it, and hope you enjoy it as a sharing of the holiday spirit with us! It doesn't have a show schedule, so it is for sale, $300 to add to your collection. I can ship priority mail to have it in your hands before the Holiday lights are gone.

This day hubby Ron and I are traveling to my brother's house to share dinner with family and friends, so I'm posting this a bit early. I'm going armed with home-baked deep dish apple pies, punpkin pie, New York cheesecake and cherry cobbler. May your holiday be as you would wish it--quiet or noisy, reflective or boisterous, and may you get what you desire throughout this winter season and into the coming year.

Tomorrow I continue with my husband's painting of aikido. If you have any questions about how this "Mission Inn Lights" painting evolved, just email me.

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