Sunday, January 27, 2008

Jan 26 - Fifty Minutes into the Plein Air Quick Draw

Whew, after yesterday's image, I'm thinking "this really is in the uglies!" But today's image shows why getting those big flat planes of color in place is essential before heading for the details (which make the finish on a piece).

I've added the arches and windows on the side of the church, using the flat edge of both a 1/2" filbert and a size 6 bright to get the shapes in one stroke, using burnt umber. Then I spent the balance of the ten minutes working on the car shapes by adding the sky reflections on the hoods and tops and painting wheel wells and dark shapes on the opposing side of the street. A little messing around under the bushes on the lower right, and I'm done with these few minutes.

But I did clean up the brush mark on the lower part with more layers of sunlit color before the "dinger" went off again!

Congratulations to new collector Pam Morthorst of Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania, on the addition of "Through the Woods" to her collection!

Original oil, 12 x 10 inches.
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