Saturday, January 26, 2008

Forty Minutes into the Quick Draw

Jiminey Crickets, did I ever hate to stop when that timer went off! Just when I get on a roll and really start cookin' with the brushes, beep-beep-beep. Oh well, I knew I was doing this for a greater purpose than painting to a timed event, so here's the next ten minutes. From the last post, you can compare and contrast the progress. So what did I do in ten minutes? (Got interrupted several times, as happens in any event put on for more than just painting). I "fluffed out" the palms, varied the roof, worked on the windows of the cars, and added some palm fronds on the left side to create yet another design element. Look for a partial circle that begins in the topmost left palm, drops through those new fronds on the left, and continues around through the other palm tops, effectively cirlcing the steeple of the church!

Hmmmm, that brush mark in the grass is still there. Next ten minutes.

(Here's the earlier version for those who, like me, get buried in emails and won't go looking.)

In other news, all four workshops through May are full. If you are considering a Color Boot Camp for your future, please look to Maine in August (full five days of "CBC") and Maine again in September on a horse farm. This second week-long CBC workshop not only can host "repeat offenders", but will finish up with a weekend of plein air painting in a special two day event for plein air painters! I'll have a page pointing to registration for these workshops in February. If you're interested, please email me for special notification.

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