Sunday, December 09, 2007

Dec. 9 - Lesson Continuing, Acrylic Maine

Oops! A day slipped away from me, but it was certainly a busy one! We opened our home and studio for a holiday gathering of friends, family and artists on Saturday, and I'm now recovered enough to write again. All the guests who were strangers mostly to one another wore name tags with their first name, their affiliation to Ron and I (Aikido, Artist, or something else) and some added an interesting fact below that. Conversations abounded as folks asked questions upon viewing the name tags. "Oh, you're a gardener! Where is your garden and how big is it?" "Endurance riding? Can you tell me about that?"

I cooked for two full days prior, and most of the food disappeared! Bruschetta, cookies, tropical fruit cake, fudge, meatballs in sauce, deviled eggs... whew. We still have beer, though.

So, on to this painting! The 16 x 24 inch format is clearly visible now with the sky, water and distant headlands painted in. Those of you boot campers (prior workshop attendees) know that this entire section was done with the cool palette, using mostly the "big three" for the sky and water. I used burnt umber and ultramarine mixed into the sky mix to create the headlands/islands out in the sea. The entire area "lays down" because of the use of the cools.
Although the canvas looks almost divided in thirds at this point (Ack! Bad design!) the weight and angulation of the lower area for the vegetation will carry the painting when I get to it. And that will be very soon!

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