Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Dec 11 - Well on it's way - The Maine Coast lesson

Oh, drat! Somebody get me an egg timer so I can stop before I get too far along on these lessons! I just picked up my brushes and started working on the fun of painting the textures in the foreround, and look how it got away from me! I could have made three steps in this area, but the brushes and the joy in creating it captured me!
Maybe it is the Christmas spirit, but all that red and green made me enjoy the process so much.
I will tell you that the beginnings of all that texture were created with burnt umber and thalo green, deep in the shadow areas. Then with a large, 3/4" brush, I put in the major colors of the upper layers. On the right, it was a mixture of white, thalo green and sap green, and then across the middle ground it was yellow ochre added to that mix. Finally a third pass over those big blobs of color, using a small brush to create the illusion of detail.
What fun to paint this way! Brushwork, certainly, and watching the warm colors appear in the lighter areas, and yet still maintaining that feel of a slightly overcast day.
Is it finished? Not yet--no signature. I'll post it when I'm truly finished with it. What do you think I will do with it from this point? I love to hear what you're thinking!
And the colors... Go great with the bathroom! Har de har--painting to a bathroom color scheme--who woulda figured?
Next will be an 18 x 24 commission of a German Shorthair Pointer dog... in time for Christmas! Busy, busy!

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